Spring Vegetable Salad With Mint Pesto

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Best Practices for Franchisee Training with Franchise Management Software

Best Practices for Franchisee Training with Franchise Management Software

Both franchisors and franchisees benefit from investing in franchisee training, which is indispensable. A franchisee’s first-year success is significantly influenced by useful training and field support. What does an effective training program entail? The time has passed when franchisees were limited to classroom settings where they only listened to instructors. The utilization of “blended” training…

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Document Verification in Real Estate: Ensuring Secure Transactions

Digitization is taking the world by storm, transforming industries in their wake. Real estate is one industry that stands to gain the most from digital conversion. Given the high-value transactions, document verification is the logical way to streamline traditional real estate industry methods. In 2020, the volume of commercial real estate transactions reached a staggering…

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