biscuiți englezești

biscuiți englezești

Are you looking for a simple recipe for homemade cookies? Find the recipe for the most basic biscuits at home, namely those in English.

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300 g Faina

200g unt and 100g zahar (sau miere).

Method of preparation: 

With this amount, you can make 20-30 cookies. Preheat the oven to 165 degrees Celsius. Mix finely with 150 grames of unt, by hand. Then, add the zahar (or mierea). The remaining unt is placed in a castron and then added to the compozitie.

On a bucatarie sheet, place a piece of paper on which to insert little pieces of composition, 3 centimetres in diameter, which will thereafter be turtite. The biscuits are then placed in the oven for 30 minutes, or until they have turned golden. It is allowed to raceasca after it has come out of the oven and is easily removed from the oven with a cutit. 


According to culinary history, the first recorded biscuit was a little portion of prajituri dough, which was used to test the oven temperature. In America, a biscuit is described as a thin, sweet pastry with small dimensions.

One of the first mentions of biscuits dates back to the second century CE in Rome. The term “biscuiți englezești” really has a Latin origin, derived from the Latin phrase “bis coctum,” which represents something “copt de doua ori,” with “bis” meaning “de doua ori” and “cotto” meaning “copt.”

Each tara has its own title for this, “prajitura.” Biscuits are called “rusk” in Denmark, “biscotte” in France, and “zwieback” or “kels” in Germany. In England and Australia, the name “biscuit” is used, although in Spain, it is “galletas”. In Italy, there were other biscuit names, such as “amaretti” and “biscotti.”

Primii biscuiti erau nedospiti, tari, ca niste napolitane subtiri, si aveau un continut scazut de apa. A low moisture content is the optimum food for preservation since it dehydrates more easily. This quality has made biscuits one of the most often consumed foods among soldiers. 

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