Pipeliners Cloud: Revolutionizing Outdoor Welding

pipeliners cloud

The world of pipeline welding is a rough and tumble one — working conditions are tough, unpredictable. It is difficult to work in extreme sun, or under high winds, which may negatively impact the productivity and safety of a welder. Meet Pipeliners Cloud, a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing top-tier welding umbrellas built to survive the elements welders face day after day while giving them more than just an improved work experience.

Pipeliners Cloud Origins

Cloud-based project management for welding Pipeliners Cloud was formed by a welder who noticed an untapped market need in relatively cheap, but durable and consistent umbrellas suitable for use on the job. Simple mission: Create products for tradesmen and women that are a kind of cut above. That commitment is well-reflected in their products, which are specifically designed to serve welders working outdoors.

Product Lineup

Heavy-Duty Welding Umbrellas

Welding Umbrellas: Pipeliners Cloud provides an additional layer of safety measured in quality.

Our favorite products include the 8-foot red pipeliners cloud umbrella. It is a patent pending design that can resist winds up to 60 mph. The strong steel pole and heavy-duty materials enable it for welding as well other recreational uses like beach trips, soccer games, picnics. There is also a storage Tube and an extension pole included with your Umbrella that lets you easily transport or store​​

Khaki Heavy Duty Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella, 10′

In addition, the 10′ Khaki Heavy Duty Umbrella is another bestseller. This durable umbrella is 40 mph wind-tested, providing the shade and UV protection welders need to withstand long hours in full sun. The lightweight and handy design of this tool allows it to be used in a professional environment, or any other recreational setting you can imagine – ultimate DIY projects, building at the job site or backyard parties. Also included with the khaki umbrella is an extension pole and storage tube for your added convenience.

Innovative Features

The products of Pipeliners Cloud are not just a shade that we provide to our users but we implement many innovative features with it.

Flame-Resistant Material

THE #1 PRIORITY OF PIPELINERS CLOUD: SAFETY Several of their umbrellas are crafted using fire-resistant fabrics, which is a necessity in welding operations that produce sparks and droplets of molten metal. This feature has been developed to greatly minimize the fire hazard while providing peace of mind for welders.

Adjustable and Portable

These umbrellas are designed for comfort through adjustability. You can tilt them to the side and direct more or less of its rays into specific parts of your garden with simple adjustments ensuring just the right amount. Furthermore, they are extremely portable because of their lightweight yet durable design which makes for fast setup time and set up at any location as required.

Referrals and Credibility

Customers Feedback Pipeliners Cloud is highly rated by the many customers that have used it stating how much they love its robustness and dependability as a product. Therefore, it is this focus on delivery and quality that has enabled the company to gain such loyal subscribers behind their brand name. It also provided welders something else they really appreciate: attention to detail about specific ways in which these umbrellas, with the color-making process applied (unlike paint) helps them do their job better.

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Pipeliners Cloud is an industry innovator and the pinnacle of welding quality in terms of innovation making provision for shade. As a result, the company has developed products that not only meet these challenges head on and improve safety and comfort but ultimately increase overall productivity. The blaze from the silver cloud given off by a Pipeliners Cloud umbrella – for whatever facet of life, professional or recreational – serves as proof positive that quality matters to this company and its clients.

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