Google : Harnessing the Power of Information, googl.eocm

Established in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has turned into the name of online inquiry and data recovery. Here’s a concise overview the googl.eocm:

Search Engine Supremacy:

At its core, Google organizes the world´s information online — it is a search engine with millions of websites indexed. Google’s advanced algorithms enable users to key in questions and quickly get corresponding returns.

Unique Features – On top of basic search, Google has special features like:

Google Images: Discover images from all over the web

Google Maps – Navigate & Explore and Get around with real-time traffic and directions, in addition to the functionality above.

Google News keeps you in the loop about the stuff happening around you.

Google Scholar – Access academic papers and articles.

Google Translate: Busting language barriers.

Google Drive – Saving files in the cloud.

Google Docs – Free Online Documents Editor

Photos & Memories by Google: Organize and share them

Customization: Google serves up results based on user history, location and interests. So it can really learn from your interaction to give more relevant contents.

Google Privacy and Data: This data helps improve Google services, but the company has faced a number of criticisms over its privacy practices. Customers can control what kind of location data is saved to their Google account.

As it turns out, Google is pretty much everywhere than search On Innovation It creates the likes of Android (the industry-leading mobile OS), YouTube, and hardware products such as Pixel phones.

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