The Truth About “Jackyan” – The Recent Google SEO Updates

The Truth About “Jackyan”

War Within the SEO World: I believe it is a misinterpretation of jacky, one of the terms read by my friend in the domain analysis screen. Unfortunately, some blogs or forums have made mistakes in their usage of this term which had led to confusion.

A Truth: Though — There is no official title of Google SEO Update, Jackyan! *No Official Update* No any algorithm is declared by Google itself.

Issue 1: Jackyan • According to Reiter, while Jackyan itself doesn’t exist — there’s no update called Jackyan — Google’s recent actual updates all look at SEO from a more user-centric angle. Key focuses are mobile-first UI/UX and content quality.

Staying Updated: Focus on real updates and proper sources can help you stay abreast of the changing landscape of SEO. Don’t get caught up in myths!

The Recent Google SEO Updates

Now we will dive into Google SEO Updates. Here are some key points:

March 2024 Core Update: The most recent Google core update has completely destroyed the SEO industry. This impacted many websites and some sites completely disappeared from Google Search. More specifically, reducing unhelpful, irrelevant and low quality content. The penalties were fast and there was no warning for the majority of site owners. The penalty even applied to some quite aged sites.

October 2023 Core Update – Google released its October 2023 core update prior to the March update. It was the third core update of the year and focused on changes in search ranking systems.

Node (2022): The year 2022 brought a number of changes:

Better page experience measurements.

Link spamming becoming less effective

RIFE: Relevant Importance Feature Extraction/metric.

Elimination of Keyword Spamming

Image & video ranking.

Local info preference

MUM: Multitask Unified Model

You will also see some course on E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness)

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